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RMD Index Tables
RMD electric programmable tubing benders can be equipped with the optional tubing bender positioning table. A tubing bender fitted with a rotary positioning table allows for accurate bends in varying planes, as well as consistent measurements between bends.

RMD tube benders that can be fitted with the table are the models 250, 300, 325, and the 350 The positioning table can be attached or taken off of the tubing bender with ease.

The Index table is available in 4 different lengths 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft

The positioning carriage rolls on a precision V block rail and rides the rail using V-guide bearings.

The positioning carriage has a heavy duty lubricated gear box that is used to turn the position of the completed bend to the desired varying plane. To change the plane of bend, the operator simply turns a hand wheel and stops at the plane of bend angle (large 360 degree angle dial).

The table is equipped with an 8" three jaw chuck with 2-1/2" thru hole that allows for longer pieces of tubing than the table length. the chuck can handle up to 4-1/2" OD. The minimum OD is 1/4".

The table has a linear indicator strip so the operator can set up accurate distances between bends. Mechanical stops can be positioned for the start of each bend. Using the mechanical stops is very beneficial for repeatability on bigger production runs.

RMD tubing benders equipped with the tube benders positioning table is great for hand railing, auto chassis, furniture, marine products, playground equipment, and hundreds of additional applications.
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